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F-DEV is a Product Development and Engineering Design company with a Sole Focus of the Fundamental DEVelopment of our Clients needs. We also offer Reverse Engineering and Inspection Services utlizing our In-House Romer Infinite 2.0 Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine(CMM).


We are Systematic in initial interactions with our clients to LISTEN and fully develop and understand the needs and requirements of each possible project or collaborative effort. From this a Development Plan is determined with the client to complete the development or implementation.


Every Client is different, different needs, different styles, and different personalities. Every product, process, and solution all have their own different intricacies. This is why there is no single process that can be applied to each client and requirement. F-DEV is here to be an extension of your organization, not change it with our processes. Unless that is the need...


F-DEV stand for Fundamental DEVelopment, yet it is much more than that. Its DEVelopment that should Fundamentally Function, be completed Fast through a Fun process. Life is too short not to have FUN WHEN WORKING HARD!


Please Browse the Site and we look forward to becoming your Fundamental DEVelopment solution provider.